Data Privacy and Ethics of Remote Learning (What’s Next?)

What's Next?

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Discussion Questions

  • Thinking about the tool(s) you are choosing to use for class (e.g. Zoom, Blackboard, YouTube), how might you communicate to your students the tradeoffs you have chosen to make in employing the tool? Remember, there is no "perfect" or "correct" tool, just an honest consideration for the tool(s) of your choice.
  • Consider your course syllabus for Fall, what are some steps you would take to make the materials more accessible?
    • For example, if you are using .pdf files, how can you ensure that students with visual impairment are able to access the reading? Or if you are using an audio file (e.g. an interview recording), what choices can you make to ensure that students with hearing impairment can access the material?
  • Consider students who might have unstable internet connection, how would you ensure that they are able to continue participating in class?
    • For example, what decisions might you make for "class participation"?
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