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  • DARC Open Meeting Recap

    Over the past couple of years, the Digital Archive Research Collective (DARC) has created resources and fostered community among digital archivists and researchers at The Graduate Center. As part of our effort to build a community of practice around digital archival work, we created a Wiki with articles on various resources for archival research, led an event series, and hosted […]
  • Thinking with Sound: Starting a Podcast Project

    As we start to settle into the rhythms of our new normal, many of us have taken this opportunity to also think about the different ways to disseminate information. There has been a renewed interest in exploring digital sound and audio as this has become key to our means of communication. From teaching and learning online to data collections (e.g. […]
  • Don’t Let Installations Stop You From Learning Python!

    Learning Python, or any programming language, is not easy. It requires commitment and persistence. This is a reality we need to accept to avoid frustration. However, I am a strong believer that, with the proper help and attitude, anyone can learn to program. As long as they survive software installation.   I’ve taught many introductory Python workshops. While we strive […]
  • Using RQDA for Qualitative Data Analysis

    Why Do I Need Qualitative Data Analysis Software? I’m a PhD student in Business (Information Systems), and I employed qualitative research methods in two of my previous projects to analyze interview data of commercial ERP system implementation and speeches of CEOs from public firms. Qualitative data analysis is a useful and powerful research method that includes the human encoding and […]
  • Creating a Dissertation Blog with Open Source Tools

    This post is an overview of how to get up and running with a dissertation blog. I offer my own blog, “Queer Tools,” as an example, where I post my developing thoughts and share drafts of my work in progress. To create the blog, I use a combination of open-source tools that are relatively easy to get up and running. […]
  • GC Digital Scholarship Lab Virtual Open House 2020: Recap

    Hi everyone! If you missed the GC Digital Initiatives (GCDI) open house held a couple of weeks ago, have no fear! This post will provide you with a recap of what was covered and where and how you can access our resources. In all three sessions of the open house, we began with a round of introductions, which included how […]
  • GCDI is Here for You!

    Note that this blog post is revised and updated every semester, typically in early September or February. Links in this post may be outdated. For up to date information, please check the most recent “Welcome to GCDI”/”What is GCDI?”/”GCDI is Here For You!” post. Greetings Digital GC – Welcome back! As we all adjust to a semester of mostly online […]
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