Upcoming Workshop (4/13): Social Reading

Upcoming Workshop (4/13): Social Reading
With the Teaching and Learning Center
Social Reading
April 13, from 1-3 pm
Room 9206

In this workshop we will discuss social reading and explore ways in which we can turn texts into engaging conversations. Like our online world of social sharing, social reading is multidimensional and creates community around a text. Rather than a one-way and solitary activity, it can make texts come alive for your students, increase participation and comprehension, and, as a result, improve your students’ learning. We will showcase various online annotation tools (such as Hypothes.is and Annotation Studio) and discuss how we can use them in our classrooms.

This workshop, organized in collaboration with the Graduate Center’s Digital Initiatives, is the second in a series of workshops we are running on approaches educational technology. We encourage everyone to also attend the Social Writing workshop on April 20th, 1-3pm in room 9207 where we will discuss how to integrate social writing tools (such as the CUNY Academic Commons’ Social Paper, the WordPress plugin CommentPress, Google Docs, and others) and methodologies into a range of disciplines and course levels.

To RSVP, click here: http://goo.gl/forms/42tAOmTxX6

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