Ian Phillips

Ian Phillips

Linguistics Program

Ian Phillips is a doctoral candidate in the Linguistics Program at CUNY Graduate Center. His research interests span second language acquisition, multilingualism, sentence processing, learnability theory, and new roles for technology in education. His current research uses the event-related potential technique (ERP) to investigate the Spanish of second immigrant generation Spanish-English bilinguals (aka Spanish heritage speakers) in New York City. For the Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (ITP) certificate program, Ian is developing an original web-based application to aid beginning linguistics students in learning linguistic principles and practices. The app is called The Linguist’s Kitchen and provides the space, tools, and recipes for students to “cook” and analyze language data collected from their own communities. Ian also teaches various courses in linguistics and society at City College as well as language learning and teaching at Hunter College and works in the Second Language Acquisition Lab at the GC.

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