Patrick Sweeney

Patrick Sweeney

Critical Social / Personality Psychology

Patrick Sweeney is a PhD candidate in Social/Personality Psychology.

His research touches on media and communication, social categories, and justice in contexts such as news reports of conflicts over urban space, online scholarly public engagement, and the methods by which scientists and marketers construct social categories from digital personal data. In his dissertation, he analyzes how methods for making sense of digital personal data raise questions about social categories, the nature of persons, and the future of research ethics. As a GC Digital Fellow, he has directed the development and administration of GC Digital Initiatives’ workshop series, and created curricula and open educational resources for topics including Digital Research Ethics, Social Media for Academics, HTML/CSS, and Git & GitHub. He is currently the Digital Fellows Coordinator, and is curating a seminar and workshop series on Researching Social Media that will launch in Spring 2019.

You can view his website at

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