Teaching with Hypothes (What’s Next?)

Theory to Practice

Suggested Further Readings

Other Tutorials

Projects or Challenges to Try

  • If you're interested in learning about how Hypothesis engages with other digital tools, like Omeka, Wordpress, etc, check out the list of Tools, Plug-ins, and Integrations by various developers.

Discussion Questions

  • Think about the learning objectives for your course. In what ways can Digital Annotation activities reinforce these learning objectives?
  • Consider the structure of your course assignments and activities. How might you incorporate Digital Annotation into your course (e.g. as homework, participation, assessments, peer-review, final projects, etc.)?
  • Consider Digital Annotation as one component (among others) of an online learning plan. How might asynchornous Digital Annotation engage with other elements of an online course, such as synchronous class meetings or other asynchronous assignments?
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