Research Management Tools

Research Management Tools

We put together a few wikis for our research management workshops.  Feel free to use and expand!

Data Management Tools: This wiki page provides a broad overview of digital tools that may be useful for your research. Here you’ll find information on how to choose services related to the cloud, such as note takers, citation managers, storage and document annotation.

Citation Manager Overview: Here you’ll find information about the many available citation managers — free to pricey — and how to pick one that’s best for you.

Integrating Zotero with PDF annotators: This wiki describes how to use Zotero with other tools and services, such as PDF Annotators, the cloud and MS Word.

Evernote:  We put together an overview of all the features of Evernote on an Evernote public document. Still the best free cloud note taking app according to at least more than one of the digital fellows.

Keith Miyake is a graduate of the Earth and Environmental Sciences Program at the CUNY Graduate Center. His work crosses the fields of political economic geography, environmental justice and environmental governance, critical race and ethnic studies, American studies, and Asian American studies. His dissertation examined the institutionalization of environmental and racial knowledges within the contemporary capitalist state.
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