Upcoming Workshop (3/22): People Centered Digital Research

Upcoming Workshop (3/22): People Centered Digital Research

People-Centered Digital Research

Tuesday, March 22nd  6:30-8:30pm

In this participatory and discussion oriented workshop, we will be exploring what (big) data is, how it matters to researchers across disciplines studying human experience, and what some of the ethical issues relating to collection, analysis, and use are. In particular, we will discuss dilemmas surrounding informed consent, privacy, and questions of understanding race, gender, and other identities online. To initiate thinking about the presentation and use of digital research, we will focus on the proliferation of data visualizations and the critical questions that they raise. Participants who are wrestling with conceptual questions regarding the conduct of social data science are invited to share their experiences and learn together.

This workshop will be led by Jen Tang and Patrick Sweeney

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Please contact gc.digitalfellows@gmail.com with any questions.

Photo Credit: Tom Waterhouse

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