Upcoming Workshop (11/23): WordPress Part 2

Upcoming Workshop (11/23): WordPress Part 2

WordPress Part 2

Monday, November 23rd 6:30-8:30pm

In this workshop, you will learn more about developing and customizing your WordPress site. If you have some knowledge of WordPress (i.e., you can make a page and a post and have used the dashboard), but you want to add some more structure or functionality, this workshop is for you. By taking this workshop, you will be able to: Use categories to organize your posts and group relevant topics into pages, Create customized menus that will help your visitors better navigate your site, and Add widgets that will increase the functionality of your site (i.e., a calendar or contact form). This workshop will be most beneficial if you already have a WordPress site established on the CUNY Academic Commons, CUNY WebServices, or Open CUNY.

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This workshop will be hosted by Erin Glass and Patrick Sweeney.

Please contact gc.digitalfellows@gmail.com with any questions.

Photo credit: mkhmarketing

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