GC Digital Scholarship Lab Virtual Open House 2020: Recap

GC Digital Scholarship Lab Virtual Open House 2020: Recap

Hi everyone! If you missed the GC Digital Initiatives (GCDI) open house held a couple of weeks ago, have no fear! This post will provide you with a recap of what was covered and where and how you can access our resources.

In all three sessions of the open house, we began with a round of introductions, which included how folx found out about us and how they imagined GCDI could be supportive of them in this remote learning environment. We learned that many folx are excited to meet and form communities with like-minded individuals and looking at how GCDI and the digital fellows can help facilitate that.

While we may now be working in a remote environment, we have continued to offer our programmings in response to the changes. During our open house presentation, we introduced our fall semester line-up. As GC Digital Fellows, we primarily lead workshops and support working groups in digital tools and methodologies. We also support consultations for students, faculty, and staff at the GC who are thinking about digital projects.

In this current moment, you can expect that our workshops will be offered in a variety of modes, ranging from synchronous to hybrid and asynchronous sessions. In addition, instead of having drop-in office hours, we are now offering a consultation model where you can sign up to meet with a digital fellow to discuss your projects and queries. You can be at any stage of your digital work to request a consultation. We are happy to think with you from your planning stage through to your publication stage!

If you’re interested in exploring a tool or methodology, you can also join any (or all!) of the working groups that we currently support. This is also a great place to meet folx who are similarly interested in the tool or methodology. For most of our offerings, you need not come with any experience on the tool, just an interest in it~!

In the list below you can find the links that were shared during the open house sessions. If you would like access to the slides from the open house, you can also click here.

The best way to keep up-to-date with us is to regularly check our website. Hope to see you at our future events!

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